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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi! Thanks in advance for writing me a story. Here's the obligatory list of what I would like:

Fringe - Peter Bishop- Basically, anything you write me that involves Peter is going to make me happy. I love Peter - Peter being snarky, Peter being in control, Peter getting hurt. But, if you're looking for specific inspiration, I do have a thing for hurt/comfort and angst. Don't feel like you absolutely have to get this in the story, but an idea: What happens when Peter finds out the truth about his childhood/ where he comes from?

Pushing Daisies - Emerson Cod- I love Emerson, so you can't really go wrong, here. I love Emerson being snarky, and Emerson revealing his inner cuddly teddy bear. The specific prompt I gave is "What happens when Emerson's daughter finds him?" But really, any Emerson is going to make me happy.

Monk - Randy Disher- Poor Randy gets such a raw deal (most of the time) on the show. I'd like to see a story about him being a (gasp) competent policeman, perhaps even saving the day.

Elizabeth Gaskell - Wives and Daughters - Molly Gibson/Roger Hamley - I love this cozy novel, except for the fact that it doesn't have a proper ending. So, write me the ending of the story. And I suppose I should note that I don't like sex in my fic.

Thanks again!
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