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(updated 10/12/13)

Gen - PTZD (Post-traumatic Zombie Disorder?)

[Juliette/Monroe/Nick/Rosalee] Nick post being de-zombified

[Monroe/Nick], The Grimm Hunting Season

[Any/Nick or Gen] Cancer runs in the family [Potential Fatal Disease, Potential Character Death]

[Monroe/Nick/Rosalee] Sickfic

[Monroe/Nick] Monroe taken hostage by bank robbers [violence, terror, hurt/comfort]

[Monroe/Nick] Nick accidentally makes their relationship public [hurt/comfort, some violence]

[Monroe/Nick] Nick badly attacked by human

[Hank & Monroe & Monroe/Nick] Grocery Shopping

Nick/Hank/Monroe/Rosalee, Juliette- h/c, protective, angst - Juliette shoots Nick

[Monroe/Nick] It's a Wonderful Life

[Any] Ryan takes Nick [Kidnapping, Torture, Obsession, Possible Non-Con] SPOILER 2.10

Nick/Monroe/Rosalee, Renard- Renard finally snaps, mega whump and h/c

Monroe/Nick- captured, tortured, and forced to watch [h/c]

Monroe/Nick - Nick gives Monroe mouth-to-mouth. OR Monroe can only be wakened by a true love's kiss

GEN or Any/Any, Sudden Changes, graphic violence?, situational trauma?, torture?

[Monroe/Nick] nightmares, hurt/comfort [past violence]

[Monroe/Nick] Monroe beaten/hurt for helping Nick, hurt/comfort [violence]

[Monroe/Nick] Monroe is hurt by another Grimm, hurt/comfort [violence]

[Monroe/Nick] Nick has to defend his blutbad lover - against his own mother. [violence]

Any/Nick - Nick is the Key (Buffy-based prompt)

Kelly & Monroe, Nick - putting differences aside

Monroe/Nick - Semi-AU, Lonely!Nick, Loving!Monroe

Any/Nick or Gen - Adalind doesn't take it well

Gen - Nick is catatonic.

Monroe/Nick - Snow White & the Huntsman AU

Monroe/Nick - A zieglevolk seduces Nick; Monroe comes to the rescue.

Monroe/Nick, Juliette/Nick - Nick has amnesia.

Gen or Monroe/Nick - Monroe asks about Nick's drawing skills.

Any/Nick - AU!Nicks come to visit.

Gen or Any/Nick - Wesens rally around sick!Nick.

Monroe/Rosalee and Nick/Juliette - Someone's in the hospital.

Monroe/Nick - Waltz kidnaps Monroe.

Monroe/Nick - Scary new Grimm in town.

Monroe/Nick/Rosalee - Nick finds out that Hexenbiest blood is poisonous.

Monroe/Nick - "I should've gone with him."

[Monroe/Nick] Nick has a nervous breakdown.

[Monroe/Nick] Nick gets pneumonia.

[Monroe/Nick] Monroe accidentally hurts Nick with something in Marie's trailer.

[Monroe/Nick] Nick has been raped/dubious-consent sexed in the past. How does Monroe handle it?

Monroe/Nick - hurt/comfort/cooking

Monroe/Nick, Nick is the target of a blutbad hunt.

Monroe/Nick, Nick gets dosed.

Monroe/Nick, Nick gets beaten up.

Monroe/Nick - Monroe realizes that Juliette is cheating on Nick.

Monroe/Nick - 5 times Monroe used his super-senses to tell when Nick needed help, and one time he didn't need them.

Nick/Monroe or Gen, The Red (Dancing) Shoes

[Monroe/Nick or gen Monroe+Nick], fractured relationship, H/C, warning for side-character death

[Monroe/Nick or gen] Cliffhanger, H/C, size!kink, Nick saves Monroe and is hurt

[Nick/Monroe], slash or gen, allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock)

Nick/Monroe or gen - poisoning

Monroe/Nick; Nick's in the hospital for Christmas

Nick falls into a coma- Dark Grimm receives power and tries to kill Nick to keep it.

Monroe/Nick or gen - Nick has a phobia, Monroe has to help him through it.

Monroe/Nick - Something wants Nick's organs.

Monroe/Nick - One watching over the other in the hospital.

Monroe/Nick - Nick is hunted.

Monroe/Nick - Blood harvesting.

[Monroe/Nick] appendicitis/ruptured appendix, slash?

Extreme vulnerability - Nick needs Monroe to do EVERYTHING for him (feed him, bathe him, etc.).

Monroe/Nick - Hearing about it on the news.

Monroe/Nick - Last Grimm Standing AU - Nick is kidnapped.

Monroe/Nick - Nick in the hospital, Monroe and the "kids" visit.

Monroe/Nick - Nick is injured in a sensitive area.

Gen or Monroe/Nick - Overworked, exhausted Nick.

Monroe/Nick - Nick needs CPR.

Gen or Nick/Renard - Nick has bronchitis.

Gen or Monroe/Nick - Monroe has to "kill" Nick.

Monroe/Nick - Nick has asthma.

Monroe/Nick - Turns out Nick can't swim.

Nick/? - Nick is almost-raped by the ogre; how does he recover?

Monroe/Nick - Game Ogre AU where Monroe is the one who walks in on Nick's beatdown.

Monroe/Nick - Post Game Ogre, Nick feels small and vulnerable.

Gen - Post Game Ogre tactile closeness between Nick + Monroe

Monroe/Nick or gen - Nick is claustrophobic.

Monroe/Nick or gen- Nick gets captured without Monroe to help him.

Monroe/Nick - Drowning, Nick needs CPR.

Monroe/Nick - M & N are hostages during a bank robbery.

Monroe/Nick - Nick repressed the memory of his parents' murder.

Monroe/Nick(/Juliette) - Nick can't sleep, needs help to get to sleep.

Monroe/Nick - Nick has a heart condition.

Monroe/Nick - Nick has a high fever, is delirious & fighting his caretaker, Monroe.

Monroe/Nick - Nick and Monroe are in the woods, Monroe has to take care of an injured/sick Nick.

Monroe/Nick - Nick is bleeding badly, Monroe takes him home to care for him.

Monroe/Nick - Nick drags Monroe into an unexplained drownings case; gets drowned himself.

Monroe/Nick - Monroe gives Nick the brush-off. Hurt feelings ensue.

Monroe/Nick - Monroe finds out that Juliette is abusing Nick.

Monroe/Nick - Nick is hurt, but tries to hide it from Monroe.

Monroe/Nick - Nick is in an abusive relationship, can Monroe help him get out of it?
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