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Dear Prime Time Player,

Definitely feel free to use or ignore these suggestions at your will!

General stuff I like: Hurt/Comfort, angst, hugs, schmoop, gen, chosen families (people who aren't actually your family but who have become a family), friendship.

General stuff I don't like: Sex, rape, hopeless endings, sucidal!fic.


Fringe - Peter Bishop

Yep, I love me some Peter Bishop. If you want to write about him pre-series, during the series, post-(what-we-currently-know-of-the)series, it's all good! Gen is great! Peter/Olivia is great! Peter/Astrid I haven't seen much of, but it could be great!

Peter + Lincoln as best friends is a dynamic I love. Or Peter + (any version of) his mom, another dynamic I love. Peter dealing with Walter, always fun.

Peter Bishop as a badass. Peter being more tender and loving. Hurt!Peter. Comforting!Peter. All of these are good.

Basically, if you give me something focused on Peter, I will love it forever.

Grimm - Nick Burkhardt

Okay, so I didn't want to choose Nick *and* Monroe because I didn't want sexytimes between them, but definitely feel free to write a Nick + Monroe friendship fic. As I mentioned in sign-ups, I love hurt/comfort, so Nick getting hurt and Monroe taking care of him would be aces.

Or! Something focused on just-Nick would be fabulous. Nick dealing with his new Grimm powers. Nick as a badass. Whatever is good.

And feel free to stick Hank, Wu, and Rosalee in there somewhere, because I heart them all.

Veronica Mars - Wallace Fennel & Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie

Wallace and Mac are both awesome. If you want to pair them up or not, either way is a-okay with me. Maybe they have to solve a mystery without Veronica? Maybe they just commiserate over being the sidekicks? Or something else, it's all up to you!

Guest spots from any of the other V. Mars characters are fine & dandy. I love Keith and Veronica in particular.


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